Shop OPSEU allows our great locals and members from all divisions to celebrate and pay homage to the unique diversity of OPSEU, while promoting solidarity within their local union. Through the store, you can easily access products and apparel, as well as choose from a wide selection of unique designs that showcase the pride and unity of your specific division.   Select your division to see a wide range of apparel items and products. Shop OPSEU is a valuable resource to OPSEU’s locals and members alike!  Locals, the store is a great asset for you to acquire union products for your events and gatherings. Those products can also be used as a tool to familiarize your members with their reps. Reps can display their support for members with products that highlight their unique position in the union.   Members, Shop OPSEU products enable you to showcase your union and division pride, and advocate for the causes you believe in. Each product from Shop OPSEU will be accompanied with a card telling you the story of its specific design. Through these stories, you will learn more about the story of OPSEU and the progress we can accomplish when we stand together in solidarity.  Want to purchase an item solo? Shop OPSEU allows members to purchase single-item products - no minimum required. -->